Internship Office Management (M/F)
Job type
Ghent, Belgium
February 2017

Kayzr is a Ghent start-up company with a team of ten. Together we build a platform for and by gamers. We’re offering gamers tools to start their road to glory and grow their skills. This by providing a competitive format around games on a daily basis and this combined with a dedicated social network for gamers. We're slowly getting out of our spawn room, but are looking for some help to reach the next level.

As an intern, you will join forces with the core Kayzr team. Next to a strong support, you'll also be given authority and responsibility, combined with your own personal projects. Kayzr will be moving to a new office during your internship, this means that you can lay the groundwork for a better structure and good running office.

What we offer and why you should apply as a student Office Management

  • An energetic workplace environment that stimulates creative processes.
  • A culture that supports experimentation. We're a highly flexible organisation where changes and improvements can easily be implemented.
  • A try or die mentality. It's better to try, fail and reach conclusions than stick to a status quo.
  • A company with an exciting future where the possibilities are endless.
  • An office filled with ambitious and like-minded young people located just outside of Ghent.
  • A group of colleagues that you'll immediately refer to as friends.
  • A chance to show off your skills in a specific game and beat everyone on the team.

Your roles at Kayzr

  • Finance: assisting in budgeting and controlling, accountancy preparations and insights in accounting software
  • HR: preparing for selection processes and job applications, proactive thinking in the strategy
  • Legal: regulation checks, drafting basic agreements
  • Communication: English, Dutch and French with users and external partners, PR
  • General: internal coordinating, organizing and problem solving
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