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Starting with Just-Eat, later acquired by Takeaway.com, the online takeaway service is a long-time partner of Kayzr, already hosting tournaments since the beginning of 2016. Not only do they power tournaments, players can also get Takeaway.com vouchers as rewards after playing tournaments.


eSports is a discipline that requires focus. If you aren’t able to fully focus on your game during the night of the tournament, chances of making it to the finals decrease dramatically. That’s where Takeaway.com’s services come in. In just a couple of clicks, you can order food, which is delivered right on your doorstep. With zero time waste, our users can get access to delicious meals, providing them with the necessary nutrients to focus for the rest of the evening. No hassle.

Direct activation

The partnership between Kayzr & Takeaway.com makes sense for a lot of reasons, but the possibility of direct activation is probably the biggest one. Because Takeaway.com’s services are such a great match with our users, Kayzr offers to convert a big part of the campaign budget into product vouchers that users can buy in our shop. This way, Kayzr has directly referred over a thousand of its players to Takeaway.com, apart from awareness and click-throughs on the tournament banners and action button.

A match made in heaven.