Game expertise
Online & Offline
Brand contacts
2.900.000 (2017 estimate)
Shop activations
800 (2017 estimate)

Kinepolis is a fairly new partner but we already see promising results, with much more to come in the future.

Online & Offline

Kinepolis is known for its state of the art offline assets for entertainment consumption. There is no need to act mysteriously about our joint ambitions to create a big local scene that can come together, not only online on, but also offline at eSports events such as viewing parties or even local eSports finals. The local scene is not there yet, but both parties believe we’re on the verge of something big and together we’re committed building up this scene.

Direct Activation

The partnership between Kayzr & Kinepolis is a logical one and the possibility of directly referring people to a Kinepolis theater through our shop only adds extra magic to it. eSports enthusiasts are mass-multi media consumers and there is almost no better way to please them than giving them the opportunity to win entertainment experiences such as those at Kinepolis, by playing their favorite game.