When joining Kayzr, you don't only get the chance to compete in weekly tournaments, you can also participate on our social space, connect with people, gather a team and even develop new friendships. But what happens when you want to take everything to the next level? What can you do when you want to take your online friends to an offline location? Let's take a look at Woong's story!

Woong is a veteran Kayzr player. He joined Kayzr on 16th of April, 2016, more than a year ago. He's a true League of Legends addict and has played tons of tournaments while hitting the top-3 of a tournament for over 30 times. That's almost once a two weeks! Next to competing for first places, Woong also dedicated a big part of his Kayzr-time on the social aspect, which he claims to find very important. Especially in the moments that he could not find a full team to compete in tournaments. A lot of teams have been created, some have vanished, but others have stayed. Throughout the months, a true online community of Woong's friends formed itself on Kayzr.

Online community ➡️ offline friends

An online community is fun. But what's more fun than gathering online? Drinking beers together! 🍺 And that's not something that can be done over the internet. With that thougth in mind, Woong took his chances and arranged a meet-up with people he had only met online, on Kayzr. And that's not all, everything they were about to do, wouldn't cost them a single euro. Everything would be ordered with Kayzr coins, on products of Kayzr partners.

Before everyone realised, the day had come!

Day ☀️ & night 🌙

Woong and his dedicated League of Legends team "PIETER90" met up at Outpost Antwerp, where they had ordered half a day of gaming 🎮, including a free pizza 🍕 and a free drink 🍾. They started off with a League of Legends game full of fun, including a Yasuo AD Carry.


Following that they decided on some Counter Strike games, all leading to hilarious situations where some people's settings weren't working as intended and others weren't able to cover A side because of their controls not acting properly. After the gaming came the next fun part, they ate a pizza and drank some beers, afterwards they went to the house of a teammate that was situated close to Outpost Antwerp.

Party time 🎉🎉

A bunch of others from their small community of online friends also joined the party. Before they even realised, the house was way too small for such a group of people, as you can notice on the picture.


Many of them had ordered some of the last Jupiler 24x25 cl crates in store 🍻 and brought those with them, after a few beers and interesting conversations, everyone felt the same: they had become a very close-knit group of friends in such a short note, although they hadn't met in person anytime before. Leaving some deep conversations behind, everyone took their chances in an offline game of Beerpong, again sponsored with Kayzr beer crates from Jupiler. After the beerpong, everyone took a dip in the swimming pool 🏊🏻 and so the night came to an end with a karaoke 🎤.

Enjoy it! Share it!

Have already held a meet-up the way Woong did and want to share it with the Kayzr community? Contact an admin and you might end up on the homepage as well!

You can also order the same items as Woong (except the beer, for now ;) ) in our Kayzr webshop, which can all be ordered with the glorious Kayzr coin.