Patch 2.21: Quality of Life fixes

As promised, the next few weeks will be filled with a bunch of QoL improvements to improve your general Kayzr experience!

This week's list of fixes:

  • When a team is removed, the current outstanding invites are also removed, removing the [1] tag next to the teams link. (suggested by Le_CatDeNyan)
  • Users can now unlink their linked game when they have no games played for that game.
  • Fixed a UI bug that caused tournaments with a whole bunch of subtournaments have their bracket selectors flow outside of their parent.
  • When replying to a comment, your comment will no longer disappear when you're not focussing the input box. (suggested by Steelkenny)
  • Recolored the top bar to have the same color as the side bars. (suggested by jensie)
  • Elders can now edit their tournament description, rules and start times.
  • You can now click the 'X upvotes' element which will render a dialog showing all users who upvoted the story, meaning that you can now see exactly who those 'and 12 others' are! (suggested by Steelkenny)
  • Login badge should now update your progress correctly again.
  • Twitch clips will no longer autoplay.