PS5 release date leak?

As the Playstation 4 Slim and Pro versions are still brand new, rumours are spread that there could be a release date for the Playstation 5 already! Mostly those rumours are laughed away, but this time it could be serious. Why? Because the prediction is made by Damian Thong.

Damian who? Damion Thong is an analyst at Macquarie Capital Securities, but more important, Thon was the analyst who predicted the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro well ahead of their official announcement from Sony. It might be worth to take his prediction in consideration. The news was released in the Wall Street Journal, in which Thong states that Sony might release its Playstation 5 in the second half of 2018. There hasn’t been a word from Sony, but as biggest concurrent Xbox is coming with “it’s most powerful console ever” in the form of Xbox Project Scorpio this holiday season, it might be the right time for Sony to come with an even bigger announcement.

But what can we expect from this Playstation 5? We’ll make a well educated guess. As the Xbox Project Scorpio will be a top notch console: it has incredible power and is able to deliver 4K gaming. It’s pretty sure that Playstation will follow the powerhouse Project Scorpio or even surpass it. A thing where a lot of PS4 gamers struggled, was the part where PS4 did not offer backwards compatibility. This resulted in negative feedback from a big part of the userbase. There might be a high probability that a backwards compatibility might be included in the PS5!

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