Patch 2.20: The scrimfinder

TL;DR: Play Kayzr whenever you want, thanks to the new ScrimFinder!


Kayzr is fun. But Kayzr is the most fun at night, when we're hosting tournaments. This is the time when you're actively competing against other local gamers to see who comes out on top. Competing is fun!

With our ScrimFinder, you can compete whenever you want, against whoever you want! Simply visit the ScrimFinder page to jump right into a match with anyone who's also looking for competition!

But to prevent these ScrimFinder matches from feeling meaningless, you'll always be waging you rating for every match! The better your opponent is, the more rating you can gain by winning. The opposite also holds true, the lower your opponent's rating is, the higher your rating loss will be after a defeat! So always make sure you're willing to stake your rating!

Next to that, a win will also grant you 1,000 coins. We've also put a limit on this based on the amount of scrims you played in a day and against what opponents. We're closely monitoring the coins people are earning to see how we can alter this in the coming weeks.

As the ScrimFinder will become one of our core features, we can't wait to hear feedback from you! The more ideas you have, the better we can finetune it!


Quality of Life changes

As we're also currently busy with a whole bunch of back-end work (really, it's huuuuuge), we won't be releasing new features for the next coming weeks. Instead, we'll be focusing on smaller Quality of Life fixes to make your current Kayzr experience way better!

Have you had a moment on Kayzr where the sentence "They should really fix this" crossed your mind? Now's the time! Let us know in this post.