NEW: Lootcrates

It's been over a month since we've announced the end of our Monthly Finals Era. While we're working on some other big things to get a permanent replacement for those, we've been looking into stuff to keep everyone satisfied for the time being. We've already revealed that the EOM Finals are being replaced with a monthly lootchest. As the 1st of June is approaching, it's the time to come clear and transparant about the whole lootchest system we'll be inserting.

How it works

When you played at least one tournament in the past month, you become eligible to receive a lootchest. The content of this lootchest will be based on the Kayzr colors and the %-tier of the community they represent.

Tyrian: Top 3%
Crimson: Top 15%
Saffron: Top 40%
Azure: Top 75%
Emerald: Lowest 25%

(Need more info on the Kayzr colors, check out our color article)

To be totally transparent, the lootchest you receive will NOT be based on your highest rating in a gamemode! We will take the average rating of all the gamemodes you played a tournament of for a game in the past month (Example: Rocket League 3v3 & Rocket League 2v2 average). This means that having a Tyrian Kayzr page (Example: Because you're Tyrian in 1v1) does not automatically mean that you will receive a Tyrian lootchest. (Although you might have a good shot)

It might be a bit confusing in the beginning, so take a look at this example


Your Rocket League 3v3 rating is 1800, Rocket League 2v2 rating is 1700 and Rocket League 1v1 rating is 1200. You played tournaments this month in Rocket League 3v3 and 2v2 but not in 1v1.

We will than take the ratings of the games you played this month being 3v3 and 2v2 and calculate the average, being 1750. Not taking in considerating your 1v1 rating because you haven't played a 1v1 tournament that month.

If 1750 rating places you in the top 3% of all the Rocket League players that participated in at least one tournament that month, you will receive a Tyrian lootchest.

But what if ...

... my CS:GO average rating is 1850 and it places me in Crimson, while my Rocket League average rating is 1750 and places me in Tyrian? Do not fear! Our system will look at the highest possible chest you can earn, thus grating you a Tyrian chest in this example!

Chest content

Enough technical chitchat. Time for what's truly important! What's in the chests?

Emerald Chest

1 000 Coins
Coin doubler*

Azure Chest

1 500 Coins
Premium coin doubler*

Saffron Chest

2 500 Coins
Premium coin doubler
Unique badge

Crimson Chest

5 000 Coins
Premium coin doubler
Unique badge
Decoration for your news feed

Tyrian Chest

10 000 Coins
Premium coin doubler
Unique badge
Decoration for your newsfeed
"My Match" announcement when you enter the chat in a tournament

Coin doubler and Premium coin doubler both give you an odd of respectively 20% and 33% to double OR half your Lootcrate coins. The call is yours, use it and farm some extra coins or just leave it as it is and walk away with your profit ;)

This might seem low in the beginning but remember that it's an extra amount of coins that you normally wouldn't get with the End of Month finals. Next to that, the total amount of coins we distributed in the EoM finals was around 4 000 000 to roughly 40 players. With the lootcrates, we'll be distributing over 8 000 000 Kayzr coins!

Good luck Kayzrs!