Blokranking: Prizes

On Monday we revealed our next step in the partnership with Knorr Snackpot in the form of the Knorr Blokranking, giving you an opportunity for a perfect daily break from studying. Every day you get the chance to play one game to climb the ranks of the Knorr Blokranking. Winning grants you (and your team) Kayzr coins and rating. There will be a separate ranking for every game (Rocket League, CS:GO, League of Legends & Hearthstone) and every ranking will have one winner (person or team, depending on the game). If you're not quite following yet, you can always reread the previous article.



There will be 4 seperate Knorr Blokrankings for 4 different games, each with their main gamemode.

  • Rocket League: 3 versus 3 - Best of 5
  • CS:GO: 5 versus 5 - Best of 1
  • League of Legends: 5 versus 5 - Best of 1
  • Hearthstone: 1 versus 1 - Best of 5

General rules for the gamemodes apply.


Every registered Kayzr player is allowed to participate, non-students included. Every participating player is also eligible to win the final rewards, discussed later in the article. Every participating player or team that wins a Knorr Blokranking match, will earn the same amount of coins as a regular Scrimfinder.

Starting hours

There is no sign up for the tournaments. The only possibility to enter the Knorr Blokranking is checking in one hour beforehand. Every day, your match will start at 20h30, thus meaning that checking in opens at 19h30.

After you've checked in between 19h30 and 20h30, your match will generate at exactly 20h30. At this moment you'll have to check in for your match by going to the "My match" tab and "check in". You have 10 minutes to check in for your match.

Check in's will open on the official Knorr Blokranking page on Monday, 5th of June at 19h30.

Not checking in for your match after 10 minutes will automaticly grant you a loss and your opponent a win.

Duration of the competition

The Knorr Blokranking will start on Monday, June 5th and will end on Saturday, July 1st. Both days are included, meaning the last matchday will be on July, 1st.

The Knorr Blokranking of your game will take place on the days that there is no official main mode tournament of that game (Community Voted tournaments don't count here). Players are allowed to participate in Knorr Blokrankings of different games, although they can still only play one game per evening.


  • Rocket League: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday
  • CS:GO: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
  • League of Legends: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday
  • Hearthstone: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday

Moderators & final decisions

During the Knorr Blokranking, a dedicated moderator will be present. If you're having any troubles or issues, you can contact him directly by opening a support ticket.

Moderators have to make instant decisions on multiple cases in a very short timespan. All of these decisions are in line with the Kayzr guidelines and will not be reversed or excessively discussed afterwards.


At the end, the teams ranked highest of each game will be rewarded with a noticable amount of coins and an extra reward on top of their previously gathered coins, all provided by Knorr Snackpot.

Every team on top of a Blokranking will receive a personalized Knorr Blokranking cup, this means that there will be 4 Knorr Blokranking cups in total, distributed between the 4 provided games, being Rocket League, Counterstrike, League of Legends & Hearthstone.

Make sure to also pay attention to the coins you earned during the Blokranking. Who knows how your exam results might influence your well earned coins ... ;) More info on that on friday!

Next to that, the winning team members will all receive a personalized jersey of their team. If the team size exceeds the amount of players needed to play the specific gamemode, players will only receive an amount of jerseys equal to the needed players amount.

This means that there will be an exclusive amount of only 14 jerseys!

  • Rocket League: 3 jerseys
  • CS:GO: 5 jerseys
  • League of Legends: 5 jerseys
  • Hearthstone: 1 jersey


The Rocket League gamemode in the Knorr Blokranking is a 3v3 format. This means that every participating team must exist of a minimum of 3 players. If the winning team of the Rocket League Blokranking has 5 players, this leads to only 3 players being eligible to receive a personalized jersey.

Jersey distribution

At first, we'll give the winning team the choice to distribute the jerseys the way they want to. After the winners are announced, we'll send a personal e-mail to the team owner with the question to provide the names they'd like on the jersey. If we get no response after 3 days, we will distribute the jerseys to the players of the team that have played the most matches.

That's all for now folks!

Kayzr & Knorr Snackpot wish all the students the best of luck with their finals! Make sure that gaming during your finals is a relaxation and not a distraction.

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Live the break!

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