General tournament rules

These general rules appy to ALL tournaments and will be applied strictly by every moderator.

Quick Rules

  • BE & NL residency players only are allowed
  • Your Kayzr gamertag must be equal to your ingame gamertag
  • All players must be a minimum of 13 years old

1. Contact

Suggestions & problems concerning rules & configs:

2. General

  • All players need to have the Belgian or Dutch nationality.
    Because of this, we require all players to play from a Belgian or Dutch residency. If however you have a valid reason for playing from a foreign country, you can be whitelisted.

In order to be whitelisted, you should send an email to, providing substantial evidence to prove your claim. Whitelisting has to be approved BEFORE check-in opens in order to be able to compete in the tournament.

  • Every teamcaptain needs to check in at the start of EVERY round of the tournament

If that person fails to do so, you'll be automatically fully forfeited from the tournament.

  • If you are AFK in your first match you will be disqualified

We will be very strict about these three points. Failing to comply with the above rules will result in an instant disqualification. There will be no discussion in chat about this.

2.1 Chat

  • Spamming & excessive memeing is not allowed
  • Links are allowed, but only to appropriate content
  • Try to keep all chats on one line
  • Admins & Moderators will mute players who don't comply to these rules

2.2 Assistance

  • If you need an admin or moderator, use the create a ticket button during a match or ask for help in tournament chat for non match related questions
  • The admin or moderator will then join your match chat to discuss the problem
  • Please keep all discussions relating your match in your matchchat and open a ticket when necessary
  • Admins & Moderators will mute players who take discussion about a match to the general tournament chat

2.3 Score reporting

  • Report your score between matches so that your future opponents know how far you are in your match
  • Reporting scores can be done via your current match box in the sidebar on the right by clicking on the numbers of the current score
  • Take a screenshot of every win/DC/loss and name it accordingly

2.4 Incomplete teams

  • If a team would end up with less players than the required team size at the beginning of a match (e.g. if one player had to leave because of circumstances), under no circumstances will we currently allow a substitute.
  • However, the incomplete team can ask their opponent if they're willing to play a 4v5 (or a 2v3, and so on). Opponents are in no way obliged to accept this request and can ask the moderator to grant them the win
  • After accepting the request (either explicitly, by stating so in chat, or implicitly, by starting the match with the 1-man deficit), opponents lose their right to claim the free win.

If the team with the 1-man deficit ends up winning, the opposing team will in no way be able to request the win.

  • Once the match has been started we see an incomplete team as the result of a disconnect (see 2.6 for that).

2.5 Alternate accounts

If you are playing with a gamertag that is different from the one provided on your profile you will be disqualified from the tournament. We will always update the gamertag on your profile before making this decision. If you connected the wrong account to your profile you can send an email to to get your gamertag changed.

2.6 Disconnects

  • If a player disconnects during a game the game can be paused (maximum duration specified further on in the rules) if the game in question allows this. Otherwise the match will continue with one player less (e.g. 2v3, 4v5)
  • There will be NO exceptions regardless of when the disconnect occurred.
  • Leaving the match with your full team will result in a win for the other team.
  • If both teams disconnect the game must be replayed immediately without a break between games. (games that allow it might use a game backup)

2.7 Various information

As soon as a team or a player starts the first game of their series, every player implicitly accepts the match's settings, players and gamertags. This means that they cannot claim a free win in any way and can only advance to the next round by rightfully winning the earlier started match.

This rule applies to 2.4 Incomplete teams and 2.5 Alternate accounts directly but can also be applied to any other case the moderators deems it to be necessary.