Game Mania x Kayzr

With pride we can announce that Game Mania will be joining Kayzr as an official partner. Game Mania will provide a monthly FIFA Blockbuster tournament for the upcoming 10 months with a total prizepool of a whopping € 1.500! Next to that, every participating player will ofcourse receive an amount of coins.

The first Blockbuster tournament will take place on May 27th, 2017. Sign ups start from today on! Every tournament will consist of one big bracket with single elimination. Every next Blockbuster tournament will take place on the last Saturday of each month, so keep an open spot in your agenda! Sign ups will most likely start around 2 weeks before the tournament.


Thanks to Game Mania, there is a total prizepool of € 1.500 distributed over 10 tournaments. Thus giving every single tournament a prizepool of € 150,00 in Game Mania vouchers. These vouchers will be distributed between the top 3 players (75, 50, 25). Didn't manage to hit top 3? No problem! Every participating player will also receive a considerable amount of Kayzr coins! Everybody wins!


There has also been decided that every tournament will be played on PlayStation 4 only. We know we might leave people dissapointed here but due to the fact that cross platform is not supported, a choice had to be made. We decided to pick the PlayStation 4 because every tournament of FIFA that has been played on Kayzr has been played on that platform.

Tournament sign-up is now OPEN!