Partnership: Game Mania Be & NL

On our road to become BeNeLux's biggest eSports platform, we're constantly looking for new and interesting partnerships. In every partnership we've always made sure that our community always stayed central. And in the future we want to keep living up to that vision. We're both proud and delighted to announce that from today on, thé gaming brand from both Belgium and the Netherlands, will be joining the ranks of Kayzr. Welcome Game Mania!

FIFA 17 | € 1.500,- tournaments

You'll always win coins after competing in a Kayzr tournament, wether you end up first or very last. That's awesome. But some see it bigger, after a while the Kayzr coins might not seem like the best motivator anymore for participating in a tournament over and over again. That's why Game Mania will now offer monthly tournaments with real money prizepools. For 10 months straight, on every last saturday of the month, a huge Game Mania FIFA tournament will take place on Kayzr. In every tournament, a prizepool of € 150,- in Game Mania vouchers will be distributed between the top 3 players of each tournament. During the 10 month-period, the total prizepool of the Game Mania tournaments will be € 1.500,-.

The prizes will be split up as following:

1st place - € 75,-
2nd place - € 50,-
3rd place - € 25,-

Up untill today, already 2 Game Mania tournaments have taken place. You can relive the tournaments on their dedicated tournament page or check out the winners on our Wall of Fame:

Tournament #1 - May, 27th: StefanoPinna (out of 81 participants)
Tournament #2 - July, 1st: StefanoPinna (out of 50 participants)
Tournament #3 - July, 29th - Madman-Leroy (out of 148 participants)
Tournament #4 - August, 27th - StefanoPinna (Out of 48 participants)
Tournament #5 - September, 5th - Sign up now!

Every Game Mania FIFA tournament will take place at 15h00 and is limited to Playstation 4 only. It consists of one huge bracket where the size depends on the amount of signed up players. The tournament will be played as Single Elimination, which means that if you lose, you're out! There's no room for mistakes here 😉 !

Rocket League | € 450,- tournament

Next to that, we've also received tons of feedback of users from our customer succes survey. One of they key factors there was that people we're really looking forward to likeminded tournaments in the Rocket League community. For this situation, Game Mania looks like the ideal partner to fill up this hole. Next to the monthly FIFA17 tournaments, Game Mania will now also be hosting a one-time Rocket League 3v3 tournament, with a crazy prizepool of € 450,- in Game Mania vouchers. 🔥🔥

Make sure to leave a hole in your agenda on Saturday, August 5th at 15h00. Tournament check-in wil open at 14h30. Who knows that you might be the next one coming home with € 100,-. The prizes will be distributed as following

1st place - € 300,- split up between the 3 team members
2nd place - € 150,- split up between the 3 team members

Tournament sign up - August, 4th: 25 teams have signed up already!

Make sure to check this post frequently, as new tournaments in an extended partnership with Game Mania might be coming your way in the near future!