Coin farmers banned

Coin Farmers Banned

At Kayzr, we try to create a positive environment and a vibrant community where everyone is treated equally, regardless of their skill level. In return, we expect our players to show respect to both the rest of community, as well as to the platform itself. We were recently presented with some evidence of players creating extra Kayzr accounts and forfeiting every tournament, in order to farm coins to purchase the smaller items in the shop. After further investigation, these accusations turned out to be true.

1 year ban and removal of coins

Because abusing the system is a severe offense, we're banning the following players for at least 1 year.

As you can see, these names are some of the more high-profile Rocket League players, which makes this case even more sad. You'd expect from players of this calibre that they would abide by the rules. But, as we said in our opening statement, we treat all players equally.

We're also banning all the currently known secondary accounts of these players:

In addition, these players won't have access to their earned coins.

Scrim Matches

In addition to the banning of the aforementioned players, we've also been banning a group of other players who were abusing the ScrimFinder to farm coins. Seeing as this is no way the intention of the ScrimFinder, we've also banned these players.

Tighter control

The reason that these actions were possible, was there currently are indeed some ways of abusing the system, and we're aware of that. But we would much rather focus on building new features and improving the existing ones, than putting measures into place to prevent abuse of the current features.

Of course, once we notice that an abuse is actively being exploited, we work hard to fix this as soon as possible, so stronger checks are already in place for tournaments. Again, this takes time away from our 'regular' development time.

Time that would be spent on developing features that everyone would be able to enjoy. But, because of a very select club of players, we're forced to devote our time to code which only 'affects' them.

So next time you're thinking about abusing something, think about this. You're punishing the whole community, and in the end, we'll find you anyway, so your time was wasted.