CLOSED: End of Month finals

Hi guys,

We know a bunch of the players are currently dissatisfied with the fact that we put the End of Month Finals on hold for an indeterminate amount of time. While we won't be bringing them back in the next couple of months, we are aware that we may have handled the communcation on the subject in a poor manner. We hope this article will give you guys an insight into the reasons that led us to our decision.

Declining interest

Our first End of Month Finals was in the first weekend of July, last year. While our initial viewers weren't spectacular, it was a good start. The next few months, they were rising and they reached a peak in January, with the December finals.

After the December finals however, we saw a steady decline in the amount of viewers and during the March finals, they returned to their original viewer numbers of around 30 viewers per game. Needless to say, this was really discouraging. If you check the chart, you'll see that our amount of users more than doubled, but this nowhere near translated into more viewers.

Combined with the fact that less and less teams were signing up for the finals, we concluded that the general population, both the viewers and the participants, wasn't that interested in the concept anymore.


Time and money

On average, we divided a total of around 4,000,000 million coins through the End of Month finals. As we were only rewarding a top 3 finish in these tournaments, the coins were split by just 42 players. That's an average of almost 100,000 per player we were awarding. Given the fact that these were already the best players of the platform, we were just making the rich even richer.

Next to the extra coins, a lot of time and effort was put in these finals. Each weekend, we had around 11 people working on providing the players and the viewers a great experience. There was our production crew, there were people moderating the tournament & Twitch chat, and of course we had our casters (shout out to this bunch of amazing people!) who were giving it their best. Not only during the weekend, but also before and after the weekend, we had people who had to prepare & finalize these finals.

Time to focus

As you can see from the former two paragraphs, there were a bunch of factors that led us to our decision.

A last thing that also influenced our decision was the fact that, since we're currently only a team of 6 at Kayzr, we need to have a clear focus. We can't do everything, so sometimes we need to cut some stuff. We've decided that we'll be focusing our efforts on optimizing our current platform and our current daily tournament.

Our platform's community also isn't big enough just yet and doesn't offer enough real incentives for a true 'Pro League'. A competition for our 'Best of the Best'.

The future?

As you may have noticed, we opened the post with saying that we 'put the finals on hold for an indeterminate amount of time'. So, while we can't give you a specific ETA, the End of Month Finals will be back in one form or another.

Oh, and just to give you guys a little hint: we're currently working on something huge, which may or may not be related to the End of Month finals!