Why can we keep this free? Because you are UNIQUE!

The eSports enthusiasts are a unique and very interesting public. In the first place, they are proven to be heavy technology influencers. In a lot of cases, they are the first contact point for friends and family if they want to make a technology-based decision. Another big example is that over 40% of eSports enthusiasts have a Spotify Premium subscription, where non eSports enthusiasts barely reach the 10%.

On the other hand, this highly engaging and close knit community is hard to reach for several brands with regular marketing strategies. A fair amount of the eSports enthusiasts barely watches linear television, they record their favorite program and postpone it to a time that fits their needs. This also makes it possible to just skip through the television advertisements. ESports enthusiasts also barely read any newspapers and 65% have AdBlockers installed.

Due to the unique public that you, the eSports enthusiast, embody, we offer brands a new and unique way to interact with you. No more television advertisements or annoying pop-up or side banners. Brands can integrate in Kayzr and host their own tournaments, increase prizepools and provide their items in the shop.

So why can we keep this free? Because of the uniqueness of YOU!

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