You finished linking your games, great! Now you can head over to our tournaments-page to sign up for your first tournament! Out of every game on Kayzr we offer a minimum of 1 tournament per week. The more popular games have different gamemodes and multiple tournaments per week. Participating in tournaments grants you our virtual Kayzr coin. More of that in the WIN paragraph.

The day of your tournament has arrived, hype! Every tournament you compete in will grant you 2 things. Rating and Kayzr coins. The first thing is more thoroughly explained right here! The second thing depends on the bracket you are in. Depending on the game, there will be 8 or 16 teams/players per bracket. The more teams/players sign up, the more brackets there will be. You will be placed in a bracket that fits your Kayzr Rating. The higher your bracket is, the more coins you will be able to win.